Flying Wind Generators Power the Planet?

A lot has been said about our wind generators’ power over the past few years. Initially thought of as the answer to the worlds energy crisis, we soon realized how many turbines, and the vast amount of space that would actually be needed to power the world.

People are already up in arms about wind turbines ruining scenic landscapes, and environmentalists are worried about birds getting caught up in the blades. But what if there was a solution?  An idea so revolutionary that it is hard to imagine…

It appears there is. Time magazine even named it one of the best inventions of 2008. It’s called the “Flying Electric Generator”.

So what is it?

The FEG is a type of “rotorcraft” that hovers above the ground and generates power from strong high altitude winds.  But what’s amazing about it is that it is lifted by the wind. To keep it from flying off, it is tethered to the ground, from which the electric current is sent back down to earth.

As the FEG lifts higher, it reaches stronger winds, which enable it to produce more power.   In fact, it has been said that these high altitude winds or jet streams are so strong that using just 1% of them could power the entire planet.

And when will it become operational?

So far the only demonstration of an operating FEG was done in Australia, where they used electricity to get it off the ground.  The experiment was very successful, showing that even in light winds close to the ground, the FEG hovered there perfectly.

Next they plan to test a larger rotorcraft at 240kW tethered at up to 15,000ft. And then they will scale up even further to FEG’s with four rotors, capable of producing ten to forty megawatts of power – which is far more than the current highest wind turbine capacity of five megawatts.

People have had there doubts about how lightning or turbulence at high altitudes could affect the FEG.  For lightning, a warning system is in place where the FEG is then simply brought down to earth.  The turbulence is not such a problem since the rotorcraft acts very much like a kite, and will simply settle back to how it was after a big gust of wind. And a GPS and gyroscope combination will be used to control its pitch and roll.

So, how much power production is possible?

According to the San Diego based company, Sky WindPower Corporation, an array of 600 FEG’s rated at 20MW, and operating over a ground space of 200 square miles could produce over three times as many megawatt hours per year as the 28,572,902MWh produced by the Palos Verde Arizona nuclear plant in 2003.

And just 43 of these FEG arrays operating at 85% capacity could produce up to 3,883,185,000MWh of power – that’s the total power consumption of the U.S. in 2003.

And how much will this power cost us?

According to a careful study made by Sky WindPower Corp, in the long range the cost of an FEG of ten megawatt capacity would be less than 2 cents per kilowatt hour (including land use costs).  This is less than the energy costs of fossil fuels. But obviously site selection and proximity to existing power lines are very important factors.

What’s next?

Since the FEG’s are still in the testing phase, we are not quite sure how long it will take before we see any hovering in the distance. But one thing is for sure is that if all goes to plan, we may see airborne wind generators power the planet.

Consistency is Key in a Direct Sales Business

As a Direct Sales business owner, I am often asked, “How do you continue to grow your business?” My answer is always the same, “You need to be consistent with your advertising, marketing and networking.”

When I speak of being consistent, you need to work on your business 4-5 days a week, for several hours a day. Sit down and draft up a business plan and schedule, stick to your schedule as much as possible. Let your family and friends know that your business is important to you and that you work between the hours of __ and __. This will eliminate distractions and keep you on track. A home business does not work itself. You need to dedicate your time to working the business.

If you are a new business owner, I recommend that you educate yourself on advertising, marketing and networking a business. You can do this by reading several books or magazines related to having a home business.

Here are several ideas to get you started.


When it comes to advertising your business online, you can purchase button and banner ads on a variety of web sites directed towards your niche. You could also place free and paid classified ads.

When it comes to advertising your business offline, you can do print advertising in newspapers and regional magazines. You can hang flyers and catalogs on neighborhood doors.


When it comes to marketing your business online, you can hold online parties or participate in online Direct Sales vendor events. I also like to sponsor contests on heavily visited websites that my target market audience visits. Here is an example: If you sell kitchenware, try sponsoring a few contests on recipe and cooking websites.

When it comes to marketing your business offline, I recommend participating in some local events such as craft shows, flea markets and trade shows. I like to print up tip booklets pertaining to my niche that have my business information located inside the cover. I drop them off at local businesses so that they can hand them out for free to their customers. This is a great way to build up a local customer base.

If you like to write, I would recommend article marketing. You can write business articles, short stories and how-to tips and distribute your articles to online websites or offline magazines and newspapers.


Online networking can be time consuming but its worth the effort. I recommend that you join MySpace, Facebook, Linked-in, Ryze and Twitter. Go to any major search engine and you can find those groups.

Offline networking can be a valuable business experience. Join your local chamber of commerce and women business owners associations. Networking is all about building relationships with like-minded business owners

Just remember, like any business owner…You need to do the work! Once you get into the habit of working on your Direct Sales business consistently, you will see your business continue to grow.

Do NOT Accept a Broken Date From Her

So she broke a date with you.

What happened with this particular broken date?

She called a few hours before, with some crazy excuse, right?

“My parakeet fell in the toilet”

“Oh gosh, I completely forgot that I promised to help my friend study for her bar exam and its in 4 hours.”

“I just got a huge project at work. Can we reschedule?”

Some guys will accept ALMOST ANY EXCUSE mainly for the following 2 reasons:

1. They are WAY INTO the woman. They want to be with her SO BAD that they will just hang in there and accept this bad behavior.

2. They have forgotten what its like to have a woman that is really interested.

It is a pretty simple concept. Clinically sane women that have high interest level in you do not break dates.

Can there be a “true emergency” where maybe her dog got hit by a car?


How many “true emergencies” are really there?

Very low percentage, unless she has a cloud of doom following her (in which case, you do not want her anyway).

Mainly the excuses you hear for broken dates are of the “yeah, I can see that but she did not really need to break the date for it” variety.

When a woman likes you, she helps you be around her.

When she is not that into you, a couple hours before the date you find out that her parakeet is stuck in the bowl and she needs the jaws of life to free him from the commode.

Remember guys, when you are a victim of a broken date, it is time to move on to a new adventure!