How to Write Ads That Sell

If you have thought about boosting your business to the next level of success, then I would not bypass the advantage of writing killer ads that sell.

Advertising in general is salesmanship multiplied one hundred times and as you browse around the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, it’s incredibly noticeable to be attracted to ads, Ads that proliferate in each corner of the search engines for the sole purpose of making sales. Yes! Business success starts with excellent salesmanship.

In the advertising world, selling is accomplished by how words are assimilated together to catch the eye of the reader, using visual and audio. We observe this exposure on YouTube, Face book, Twitter, newspapers, magazines, Social Media sites and other advertising mediums to ‘whet your appetite.’

So the question on the mind of business entrepreneurs is: ‘how can we conceptualize an advertisement to produce it effectively, in the eyes of the reader?

The answer to the question lies within the ‘Ad laboratory’ of testing, testing, and more testing until one ad created out performs a second comparable ad. For example,” A” has more persuasion than “B”.

The testing phase may take time and can be expensive, so working with ads that work is the ideal way to target your audience. However, its important to emphasize the fact of using techniques that are essential to produce the best ad copy before you start rolling out an expensive campaign. Similar to running a car with all the components attached so that when you turn the key in the ignition, the car starts moving. Similarly, formulating effective ad copies can produce the same results.

1. Focus on the reader and not you as a businessman. For example, when a future prospect reads an ad he/she is thinking in their mind: “what’s in it for me?” and how is this product or service going to solve my problems? And if your ad heading does not say what you’re trying to sell, then they will look elsewhere.

It doesn’t take much to divert the eyes away from an ad if it does not catch their attention instantaneously.

A large number of mistakes are made when Companies focus on their years of being in service, whose on the on the Board of Directors, how much has been spent on research and development and who are their favorite customers.

Although these features have significance, however, this should not be the final outcome when writing an effective ad copy.

Having said that, it would be a helpful idea to think of an ad copy as if you were talking to a close friend by using words such as “I” or “You.” For example: “I know you’ve been thinking about purchasing this product, but you might want to consider this product?” “I sense value for money, with a reasonable price tag.”

2. Emphasize the benefits and not the Features. And what are the features? They emphasize the descriptive specifications of a product or service.

. The Ford Territory comes with tinted glass with Mag wheels

. The windows 8 come with antivirus software.

And what are the benefits? How does the feature solve the problem or enhances well-being?

. The Ford Territory allows you to drive in rugged terrain.

. The windows 8 antivirus prevents hackers from entering your home computer gateway, prevents Trojan horses, worms, key loggers, malware threats from accessing your personal data.

3. Tap into their emotional buttons. Emphasizes the wants, needs and desires of a potential buyer. For example, what is their prime motive behind the buying decision? Is it to please your wife or girlfriend or perhaps improve your lifestyle? To gather the emotional buttons is achieved by asking open-ended questions such as: why, who, how, when, or where.

4. Using Testimonies for proof and assurance. Places emphasis on the belief of satisfied customers who may have experienced the usability of the product and its benefits. In addition, facts and research deliver supporting claims of who’s tried it?

Even if you are able to film testimonials of customers who have had success, goes a long way if you embed the videos on your webpage.

This article has only skimmed the surface for excellent delivery of an advertisement, but once the important points are expressed and mastered, your well on your way to reaping the rewards.