Do NOT Accept a Broken Date From Her

So she broke a date with you.

What happened with this particular broken date?

She called a few hours before, with some crazy excuse, right?

“My parakeet fell in the toilet”

“Oh gosh, I completely forgot that I promised to help my friend study for her bar exam and its in 4 hours.”

“I just got a huge project at work. Can we reschedule?”

Some guys will accept ALMOST ANY EXCUSE mainly for the following 2 reasons:

1. They are WAY INTO the woman. They want to be with her SO BAD that they will just hang in there and accept this bad behavior.

2. They have forgotten what its like to have a woman that is really interested.

It is a pretty simple concept. Clinically sane women that have high interest level in you do not break dates.

Can there be a “true emergency” where maybe her dog got hit by a car?


How many “true emergencies” are really there?

Very low percentage, unless she has a cloud of doom following her (in which case, you do not want her anyway).

Mainly the excuses you hear for broken dates are of the “yeah, I can see that but she did not really need to break the date for it” variety.

When a woman likes you, she helps you be around her.

When she is not that into you, a couple hours before the date you find out that her parakeet is stuck in the bowl and she needs the jaws of life to free him from the commode.

Remember guys, when you are a victim of a broken date, it is time to move on to a new adventure!